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Urban Pilgrims was founded and built in Koreatown Los Angeles, CA in 2020.

It exists to establish 'true disciples of Jesus Christ who live the unchanging truth in a changing world'.


Urban Pilgrims is an independent denomination church who does not belong to a specific denomination. We are church built on the foundations of the Apostles' Creed, the Westminster Confession of Faith and Reformed Theology. Bible-centeredness, the gospel of the cross, true conversion, and practical life are considered important.

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 “New wine is stored in new wineskins so that both are preserved.”

Matthew 9:17

 ‘Urban’ symbolizes the changing world, and ‘Pilgrims’ symbolizes the unchanging truth.

'Urban Pilgrims’ refers to Christians who establish worship and community in the city and live

a missionary life by putting the ‘originality’ of the unchanging gospel into the ‘modernity’ of a changing culture. The world is increasingly globalized and urbanized. Urban areas have a great influence on people's worldview and values, creating new cultures and constantly revising them.

We have the responsibility to 'translate' the 'changing' cultures

according to the biblical principles of the kingdom of God, and also to 'transform' them.

When our existence is full of unchanging truth,

culture will be an effective way to convey the value of the gospel to people living in the city.


Monastic Spirit of Local Church in the City

Monastic spirituality (Sodality) in the past was a life of worship, a life of community, and a life of caring for the weak in society for the past 2,000 years. The simple but powerful monastic life has historical value in preserving the truth by leaving the secular world.


Urban Pilgrims want to capture the spiritual value of the monastery in the form of the church (modality) in the city where we live, not in the mountains or wilderness.

V1. Urban Pilgrims are those who long for God's presence and cherish the spiritual value of worship and establish

       365 days worship that does not end in the city for the coming revival.


V2. Urban Pilgrims build a community of love in which existence is more precious than problems for those who live in the city

       in the midst of infinite competition.


V3. Urban Pilgrims raises immigrants and international students from over 170 multi ethnic groups living in Los Angeles

       as disciples of Jesus to send them as resources for global missions. They will return to their homes and become

       missionaries who share the gospel with the local people in their native language and culture.


We are pilgrims in the city who look to the heavens and walk towards our eternal home.

We are pilgrims in the city who live as the followers of Jesus Christ.

We are called to worship in our daily lives, families, jobs, schools, and communities.

We are pilgrims in the city who are the body of Christ in the Holy Spirit,

growing to be a loving church that values persons over problems.

We are pilgrims in the city who are prepared to leave for the place,

where God will send us, to share the gospel by serving neighbours with talents and love.

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