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03.28.24 "Warrior Through Weakness(약함으로 온전해지는 철인)." by Doyle Kim (김도일 목사)

Why should we become a warrior? The reason is that we are pilgrims in the city, called by God. The Apostle Paul was a man among warriors, and he said that through his weaknesses we can become a warrior. And that is called wholeness, not strength. How can we, called to be a warrior, be made whole through weakness?


1.     Spiritual Weakness

 Spiritual weakness ultimately stems from an inability to address the issue of sin. It is becoming spiritually weak because of the inability to address the problem of sin. However, it is not an issue of our faith but of the situation. Our faith may be strong, but we collapse because the situation overwhelming us is overwhelmingly huge. Therefore, we must acknowledge our weakness. Instead of trying to overcome the situation, we must acknowledge it. Only then can the cross begin to appear, and we can move forward in front of it.


2.     Weakness of the Soul

The voice of Paul towards the community is the weakness of the soul. In this letter written to the Corinthian church, Paul also mentions their weakness. It was a problem of division within the community. Weakness of the soul is the problem of loving the unlovable. Paul says to overcome it with the love of agape. It is the love of the cross. The reason it must be accomplished is that only when it is possible can we be used as channels of salvation. To become warriors with the heart of Jesus, who considers one soul more precious than the whole world, practicing love is necessary.


3.     Physical Weakness

This is the most agonizing weakness compared to spiritual and soulful weaknesses. It's because it affects my daily life and is genuinely painful. The Apostle Paul also mentions having a thorn in the flesh in the Bible. But God said to him, "Your grace is enough." What does it mean that grace is enough? And how can we overcome physical pain? It must be overcome with the eternal truth. Saying that grace is sufficient doesn't mean that grace is enough; it means that God's grace is eternal. Physical weakness must be conquered with eternal life. The completion of the warrior is achieved here.


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