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03.27.24 "Turn Your Battle Story into a Song of Victory(칼날로 철병거를 쓰러뜨린 이야기)." by Sean Moon (문소운 목사)

How can a believer grow in one’s faith and stand as a man of faith, “iron man?” People of God grow and get tough by their life tests turned into testimonies. Their life is filled with stories of victory in God. They experience God in those stories, and their faith get tested and hardened.


How can we then turn our stories not just into happenings but into testimonies of God? Turn your test into a song of victory by moving your heart rather than searching your heart. Our heart does not naturally dwell in the things that God desires. Our heart most likely dwells in the things of the flesh. Rather than searching for excuses and feelings, offer up yourself to God. Completely surrender to Him by first kneeling down before Him and praying. That’s when God begins to move! Your fight becomes His fight now.


When you respond to God and take the challenge by depending on God, you will experience God. You will witness how God works and moves in mysterious ways. He will work in those circumstances. He will fight for you, and the victory song of your life will deepen your trust in the Lord.


Fill your life with songs of victory by moving your heart to where His heart dwells. Listen and follow the call of God, and experience the work of God. Turn your test into a testimony.


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