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03.25.24 "The Reward of a Warrior is..(철인의 상급은)." by Kevin Lee (케빈리 목사)

The theme of the Revival is "iron man". And “iron man“ is most similar to the analogy of “warrior“ in the Bible. So the two words, “iron man“ and “warrior“ can and will be used interchangeably in this message.

  1. When you hear the word "iron man", we may be discouraged that we will never be one. However, this discouragement shouldn’t stay that way because God calls us to be and iron man/warrior, and whom God calls, He is also able to achieve.

  2. The call to become an "iron man" is not to try harder, but according to 2 Chronicles16:9, it is to give our whole heart to God who, then will strengthen us.

  3. So, what does it mean to give our whole heart to God?

    1. It means that you are curate your surrounding by eliminating sins and idols in your life.

    2. It means that you’re surrounded by other believers to achieve the call you have on your life.

    3. It means that we are called to greater fights. And therefore, we should not look for rest in peace, but for greater power, and await for greater power.

God has a greater plan in your life than an easy and comfortable life. He has greater battles plan for you. And that’s our reward as warriors here in this part of the world. Live with your whole heart towards God by eliminating idols in your life, surrounding yourself with godly believers, and treasuring battles as signs for God’s blessings on your life.


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