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Which denomination is UPC affiliated with?

We are an independent church, not affiliated with specific denominations. Pastor Jeremy Park has graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary, located in Pasadena, CA and received ThM in Intercultural Studies (School of Mission and Theology) and was ordained as a pastor at KAICAM (Korean Association of Independent Churches and Missions). We strictly guard against cultic groups categorized by mainstream Christianity, such as Shincheonji, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, JMS, and Salvation Sect (Christian Gospel Mission), along with their heretical theology and beliefs.


What language is used during worship?

The primary language used during worship is mostly Korean. However, to accommodate multicultural worshippers, we incorporate both Korean and English to some extent. For those who are more comfortable with Korean, we recommend the 11:00 AM service. For those who are comfortable with bilingual services, we recommend the 1:30 PM service. Our UPKids ministry (age 7-13) is conducted in English. Special services (festivals, baptisms, etc.) bring all generations together in a Family Worship service.


Can practice of faith be done online?

Yes, of course. According to the teachings of Jesus (John 4:24), we can worship God in spirit and truth anytime, anywhere. The temple can be a building in a literal sense, but in its essential meaning, the true temple is Jesus Himself, and furthermore, the saints in whom the Holy Spirit dwells are the temple (Ephesians 2:22). We believe that online ministry participation is not a primary focus but rather supplementary. Gathering the saints who make up the body of Christ to worship and fellowship in person carries a joy and excitement that online interactions cannot fully provide. However, in this rapidly changing era of online and digital transformation due to the impact of the pandemic, online platforms are becoming a new realm of life for future generations. Ultimately, people are the ones who form relationships and live in the online society. In the future, we will provide not only Sunday worship streaming services but also online small groups and discipleship training content regardless of geographical location.


How do I get baptised?

Baptism and Communion are sacred ordinances established by Jesus Christ. They are glorious ceremonies where individuals publicly confess and commit before the community of faith in the presence of the triune God. Baptismal candidates personally confess Jesus as their Savior and surrender their lives to Jesus, who becomes the Lord of their lives. (Romans 10:10) Those who have decided to embrace Jesus as their Savior and Lord need to receive education about baptism from the moment of their decision. For more information about baptismal education, please press the MORE INFO button below.


How do I join small group?

Small groups are open to everyone. Even those who are visiting for the first time can participate. In-person small groups begin after the Sunday 1:30 PM worship service and coffee time, at 3:30 PM, where participants gather in various small groups. These groups center their discussions around the grace received from the sermon of the day. Online small groups are also being conducted, bringing together individuals with common interests or similar situations, and there are plans to expand this in the future.

*Please note that childcare is not provided during small group sessions. If you wish to participate in a small group, you can press the MORE INFO button and apply.


What curriculum is used for discipleship training?

We primarily utilize discipleship curriculum published by 'God's Kingdom Gospel DNA Network (Representative Pastor Kim Hyung Guk)' for its discipleship training. ( These resources will serve as valuable books to help live a rich life in God's kingdom amidst the changing world. If you wish to participate in our discipleship program, you can go to the respective page and apply by clicking the MORE INFO button below.


How is the offering being used?

"Offering is the privilege of the saints who respond to God's grace with a willing heart and contribute their resources." (2 Corinthians 8:12) All offerings are used according to the mission given to UPC to establish worship on this land, build disciples and community, and assist the vulnerable in the neighborhood. The church utilizes the principles and guidelines agreed upon and resolved for General Administration, Facility Management, Missions, Relief, and Support for Ministers, ensuring transparent use of funds. Financial reports are conducted twice a year, and donation receipts for tax deduction purposes are provided. ( *Online donations can be made through Venmo.


Do you offer toddler care?

Yes, we do. Toddler Ministry is operated by volunteer efforts led by Niki Kim to provide a safe and secure environment for parents with pre-school children (ages 3-6) to leave their children and participate in worship comfortably.

Care time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM.


Is there a worship service for elementary and youth ministry?

Yes, there is. UPKids Ministry is operated for kids (ages 7-13). Elementary worship and youth worship will be divided in the future.

Worship time: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM.


Is there a ministry of the Holy Spirit?

There is no separate ministry of the Holy Spirit. As the third person of the Trinity, we believe in the presence of the Holy Spirit, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. However, there are no distinct supernatural workings of the Holy Spirit such as tongues, prophecy, healing, or miracles. If you are seeking a deeper encounter and communion with the triune God, we recommend the 'Wednesday Prayer Meeting.' It will be a time of unceasing worship and prayer, filled with the Holy Spirit.


Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM.

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